Transformer Meter

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Model 8-016 Wide Jaw Amp Litewire

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Model 8-020XT Ampstik

Model 8-020XT AmpstikModel Number: 8-020XTType Averaging: True RMS Range of OperationVoltage: 0-500kVCurrent: 1-5000A ... read more

Radio Ampstik®

Radio Linked Multiple Reading Ammeter

Heads Up Display
for instant conformation of the reading

Records up to four readings
with remote read out up to 50 feet away

Operates in the 900 MHz non licensed frequency
band & new non-conductive Universal Chuck

Mount the Display on the hotstick
or hold in your hand



The Radio Ampstik uses the same current sensor technology as the original Ampstik. Its key feature is the ability to display the current reading up to 50 feet away from the sensor. The user has the option to hold the display in their hands, mount it to their hotstick, or hang it on their bucket.


The Radio Ampstik display can hold up to four True RMS amperage readings, and makes it easy to record the measurements for further review. The easy storage and retrieval of data make it a labor saving and useful instrument.


The sensor for the Radio Ampstik was re-engineered to optimize its new wider opening (2.5 inch, 6.35 cm) that is more durable and can accurately measure from 1 to 5000 amps.


The sensor is based on the SensorLink patented amp inductive sensor, which does not use magnetic materials and has no moving parts. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected. The sensor is not position sensitive; just slip the Radio Ampstik sensor over a conductor.


The display will show the current measurement and continue to update the reading 3 times per second. A single push button switch operates the display.


By holding down the switch, the user is able to change the mode: to Hold up to four readings, to continuously display readings in the RUN mode, to Erase readings; or Power Off the display. When in the Hold mode, by pressing and quickly releasing the switch, the user can review each of the recorded readings.


The Radio Ampstik puts the display wherever the user finds it the most useful. The easy storing and retrieval of data make it a labor saving and practical instrument.