Model 8-062Plus Wide Jaw Qualstik Live-Line Power Quality Meter
Model Number: 8-062Plus

Frequency: 60 Hz or 50 Hz

Measurements: Stores 8 Readings
True RMS Amps: 5-2000A
Power Factor: .01- (Lag) to .01+ (Lead)
THD Amps: 1-100%

Amps 1.0 to 99A: 0.1A
Amps 100-2000A: 1A
Power Factor: 1.0 to .01
THD Amps: 1%

Amps: ± 1% ±2 Counts
Power Factor: ± .01 from .71 Lead to .71 Lag
THD Amps: ± 1% from 0 to 25% ±
(Note: Accuracy is diminished if the current is less than 15 amps)

Range of Operation
Voltage: Rated 500kV

Sensor Opening: 3.86 in (9.8cm)
Weight: 3.75 lbs. (1.71kg)
Operating Temperature: -8 to +140 degrees F (-20 to +6- degrees C)
Display: Graphics LCD
Housing: Shock & water resistant molded urethane
Controls: One button operation
Hotstick mounting: Universal chuck adapter (Hotstick not included)
Battery: 9 volt alkaline
EEC Standards: Successfully passed international test standards indicated by CE

Hard Carrying Case: Model 7-044